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Physical therapist and pain science researcher Adriaan Louw explains Pain Neuroscience Education (PNE) and how it works with other elements of therapy to deliver better results.

Patient Books

Why Do I Hurt?®

You don't have to live in pain. Studies show that people who better understand their pain are able to function better, exercise more and experience less pain.

Why Do I Hurt?® Workbook

This interactive workbook is designed to teach you about pain, track your pain experience, and help you on your path to recovery.

Everyone Has Back Pain

Adriaan Louw’s neuroscience education book will help you understand why your back hurts and teach you strategies for controlling and lessening your pain.

Why Pelvic Pain Hurts

Weave through the stigma and complexities of chronic pelvic pain to discover what's causing your pain and start your journey to recovery.

Why Are My Nerves So Sensitive?

A handbook for people with CRPS or RSD that teaches the neuroscience of pain and guides you through techniques to desensitize your tissues.

Your Headache Isn't All In Your Head

Learn how headache pain really works, how the brain and nervous system contribute to headaches, and how to alleviate and prevent future headaches.

Your Fibromyalgia Workbook

Turn down the pain associated with fibromyalgia with Adriaan Louw’s interactive patient book “Your Fibromyalgia Workbook.”

Your Nerves Are Having a Knee Replacement

Learn how to calm sensitive nerves before and after a knee replacement in this book from physical therapist Adriaan Louw.

Your Nerves Are Having Hip Surgery

Prepare for hip surgery and learn key strategies for recovery in this neuroscience booklet from Adriaan Louw.

Whiplash: An Alarming Message From Your Nerves

Adriaan Louw provides perspectives on the occurrence of whiplash, including the neurological basis of pain and treatment expectations.

Your Nerves Are Having Back Surgery

Adriaan Louw sheds light on the neuroscience behind back surgery to provide future patients with the information necessary to make informed treatment decisions.

Your Nerves Are Having Shoulder Surgery

Prepare for shoulder surgery and learn key strategies for recovery in this neuroscience booklet from Adriaan Louw.