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Previously asked questions

Christina asked Adriaan:

How do you do PNE with people with phantom limb pain?

Troy asked Adriaan:

What professionals are allowed to provide PNE?

Alison asked Adriaan:

For patients that have been in therapy for many months and have some resources for PNE, should you go back to the beginning and start over with PNE when they come to you as a new patient? Where do you start with them/how do you determine where to start with them?

Silvio asked Adriaan:

I am an Osteopath and after reading Norman Doidge's book on brain healing I approached the concept of neuroplasticity. I knew the influence on pain of fear, catastrophizing, the importance of activating the parasympathetic system etc. I would like to know what I can buy from you to improve my chronic pain management treatments?... What do you propose, if the patient is committed, that takes less time [than some other techniques] to obtain benefits on pain?

Samantha asked Adriaan:

How do you utilize PNE after an acute neurological injury such as a stroke, brain injury or spinal cord injury? Can you utilize PNE to help prevent these acute injuries from transitioning to chronic pain conditions?

Connie asked Adriaan:

Are there any new methods for Neuropathy pain in lower extremies?

Brian asked Adriaan:

For the last 25 years I've worked as an Advanced Sports Therapist, Hypnotherapist (nlp) and Teacher/Lecturer. During this time the subject of pain is an integral part of my teaching, within: Sports therapy, Sports massage and Corrective exercise, however, the resources within this area have either been incorrect or unreliable...With this in mind I was wondering how I can use your services within my teaching (and my clinical work) so that I can deliver the best possible Pain-Based-Classes within my work?